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Poker Set of Fragments of the Meteorite Worth $ 150,000

Poker Set of Fragments of the Meteorite Worth 0,000

Every self-respecting poker player must have his own poker set. And why not buy a set made from meteorite for $ 150,000? It will be a great acquisition in the world of casino gambling, which increases in value each year.

"The Meteorite Poker Set" from Sweden includes chips carved from a meteor estimated to be 800,000 years old, with white gold plating, and an array of precious stones, including diamonds. Meteorite Poker Set has 120 chips, two decks of cards and dice Siberian mammoth tusk.

Case is made of a set of exclusive calfskin and buckskin. The inner side of the case cover is decorated with a circular slice of the meteorite. Locks and hinges of the case is made of white gold. The case has an exterior of polished leather with an interior of reindeer calf skin and is designed by Swedish jeweller company, Stahl. Chip set priced at $150,000 and still comes in as the second most expensive chip set in the world. 

An excellent choice for those who love to play not in a real casino or online casino, but at home with friends.

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