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 History of Keno

History of Keno

Keno is a word that has Latin or French roots but the game originated from China. It is believed that the invention of this game helped to save the ancient city during the Chinese war.

The game originated during the in China Han during Dynasty 3000 years ago. The theory is that Keno was started as a way to help the city prosper during the war time when supplies were limited and people needed food. The game was to raise food or money for the army. The truth is when you look at this ancient game it is like Keno in several aspects.

It was supposedly a game used to get funds for the Great Wall. The game later evolved so that the winnings and numbers were passed around by Pigeons to players in the field of battles or other cities. It was renamed White Pigeon Game because of this aspect.

Poems have also told of the Keno game derived from Chinese culture. In fact Keno was used to help children learn according to the studies on the history of Keno. Though it was a game the characters used allowed the children to learn a little easier. The boards in China still use the original characters, though there are now only 80 rather than 120.

With the advent of the railroad in China the game began to spread even further around Asia and eventually reached other countries. By this time gambling was illegal in China so many had to seek underground options or move out of the area. It is said that from the illegal aspect of the game many transported it to places such as San Francisco. Today you will see a lottery game in the Chinese district of San Francisco mirrored on Keno. The United States didn't take this game seriously. In fact many casinos reintroduced the game Keno such as Las Vegas, in the last 20 years.

The popularity and legitimacy of the game grew after the Chinese characters were replaced with numbers. The name of the game has changed over the years in order to reclassify the game as a casino game and not a lottery. This was done to make sure the legality of the game was in line with the various casino and lottery regulations created over the last century. You will see several types of tickets and be able to have a lot of fun today. There are different options and different house edges.

Since the beginning of the 21 st century, keno, like many other land-based games, have taken the leap to the world gambling casino and is now enjoyed by millions.

Keno in Online Casino

Online casinos are also a lot more secure then real life casinos. Imagine walking out of a real casino with a huge win. You never know who’s watching you, and your money. Online casinos pay out to electronic accounts, meaning that the money doesn't have to be carried by you anywhere, and there’s no chance of you getting mugged after a big win.

The best places to play Keno online: Bgo Casino, Bovada Casino, Ignition Casino, 32 Red Casino. These casinos are amongst the most safe, secure and friendly places that you can play at, and will give you better casino deposit bonus then any other casinos around. Try them for yourself and experience the thrill of playing online Keno today!

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